On 23rd January, the vaccination coverage of the 65s and over (the main risk group) was estimated to be 52%, or three points less than last year at the same date, and a long way off the 75% target. Given the vaccination dynamics, which are concentrated from October to the beginning of December every year, it is highly likely that this rate will not budge until the end of the vaccination campaign. The high health impact of the 2014-2015 winter epidemic was not enough to encourage persons at risk.

Launch of the flu vaccination campaign on 13th October 2015: 

In France, the flu vaccination campaign will officially begin on 13th October 2015 and should end on 31st January 2016. As previously, both the "first time vaccination" and "repeat vaccination" procedures will be maintained. Vaccination is recommended, and is free of charge, for the over 65s, people suffering from chronic illnesses, pregnant women and people suffering from obesity. This year, the WHO recommends one A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)pdm09 strain, one A/Hong Kong/4801/2014(H3N2) strain, and one Brisbane/60/2008 strain for the trivalent vaccine. For tetravalent vaccines, the WHO recommends the addition of the B/Phuket/3073/2013 strain.

30/09/2015: the new seasonal flu vaccination campaign starts soon 

The launch of the flu vaccination campaign for 2015-2016 will be announced in early October by the health authorities. For the second consecutive year and in real-time, IAS® OpenHealth will follow vaccine coverage of the French population and the impact of the health authority's advertising.
06/03/2015: The vaccine coverage for the over 65s is less than 43% 

Without the origin of the data being known, the press has announced a vaccine coverage of only 43% of the over 65s. The OpenHealth estimate for this coverage is much higher at around 55%. The method used was validated by comparing with the CNAMTS estimates. The differences between the two estimations were from 0.3 to 1.2% over the past five years and are largely accounted for by the fact that CNAMTS does not count non-prescription purchases. It should be noted that OpenHealth published its estimate as early as 12/12/2014. The extension of the flu vaccination campaign until 28th February has had no effect.

06/02/2015 : What is the impact of the announcement that the 2014-2015 vaccination campaign is to be extended?

On Thursday 29th January, the French health service and Ministry for Health announced the extension of the flu vaccination campaign until the 28th February. Since the 2nd January the vaccination rate for the 65 and overs has remained the same and for the moment this announcement has had no effect. The rate is 55%, a long way off the 75% target.

12/12/2014: A very average influenza vaccination coverage and an epidemic advance

Flu syndromes are continuing to develop exponentially at the same rate as was estimated at the beginning of the month: Rq=1.06 - IC 95% [1.055 ; 1.062] (see the analysis method). We are therefore maintaining our forecast that the epidemic will peak between the end of December and the beginning of January. The winter epidemic is occurring in a very average vaccination coverage context: currently the vaccination coverage for the over 65s is stagnating at 53% and should not exceed 55% by the end of the campaign. This level is very close to that of last year and is very far from the 75% target.

07/11/2014: The interest of the French for seasonal influenza vaccination is climbing after 4 dropping for 4 years in a row.

On 4 November, 25 days after the start of the campaign, the real time estimate of the vaccination coverage for the 65s and over made by was 36%, 2 percentage points better than last year. Even though we are still a long way off the 75% vaccination coverage target, this increase hails a new trend, this is something to be watched!

31/10/2014: 2014/2015 Vaccination rate, the slide continues. Will it stop?

The vaccination coverage for the 65s and over has dropped from 66% in 2010 to 55% in 2014.After 5 years of significant decrease this year the OpenHealth team forecasts a stabilisation, or even a slight increase, in vaccination coverage.On 28th October 2014 the proportion of vaccinated 65s and over was 28%, which is 1% better than in 2013 at the same date. This slight increase was achieved despite the fact that less of the French population in this age range had anticipated the vaccination: The coverage rate was 2% on the eve of the Health Insurance's campaign launch compared to 8% last year.On the other hand, the campaign got off to a quicker start this year: 10.3% of this population was vaccinated during the first week in the campaign, compared to only 8.2% a year ago. If this rhythm is kept up, the global vaccination rate for this year will be on the rise.

10/10/2014: Kick-off of the 2014-2015 vaccination campaign

Today the French Ministry of Health and the French National Health Service kicked-off the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to protect the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases before the outbreak of the seasonal epidemic. The objective of the IAS® Influenza vaccination is to monitor the progress of the 2014-2015 campaign in real time for the first time. Are the messages communicating on the subject effective? Can the decline in vaccination coverage seen over the past four years be stopped? Can the 75% vaccination coverage target be reached? You can find out by monitoring the daily IAS® evolution. This IAS® targets the vaccination coverage for the over 65s.