Indicateur Avancé Sanitaire® - Vaccination coverage for persons aged 65 and over  

Vaccination coverage for persons aged 65 and over.

Vaccination coverage       : 53%

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14/11/16: A poorly conducted immunization campaign? 

As of 11 November, the level of immunization coverage for those aged 65 and over was estimated to be 40% whereas last year it was 41% on the same date. Indeed, the immunization campaign started a few days earlier this year compared with last year (on 5 October instead of 11th). This lead of a few days has therefore been lost; this can be seen on the graph by the crossing of the curves which occurred on 5 November. Without specific incentive measures, the fear is therefore that immunization coverage at the end of the campaign will be even lower than that of last year. In fact, every year most vaccine purchases are made during the first weeks of the campaign and until now no significant rebound has been seen after mid-November. To be monitored therefore.