IAS® Head lice: Closely monitor head lice

For the first time in France it is possible to monitor the daily evolution of head lice infestations in France. This indicator especially makes it possible to have very quick notification of an epidemic in a region. This new tool will be used to warn parents and increase surveillance in order to combat this parasite more effectively.

The model used for IAS® Head lice is based on monitoring the purchase in pharmacies of a set of products used to treat head lice, and uses analytical methods and representations developed by the project.

Information is available in the following format:

·       Maps showing yesterday's status and the status in France over the past 30 days.

·       Video showing spatial-temporal changes since 2009.

·       National graph

·       Downloadable data files

On maps, the size of each geographical area is proportional to its number of inhabitants (Ile de France is therefore very big, isodemographic representation), the colour is darker when allergies are greater. A head lice index (right insert on the map) of 100 indicates that infestations are at their baseline level. A Head lice index of 140 means that the level of infestation is 40% higher than the baseline.

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